Welcome to Football Manger Blog, this is a website that I post my football manager games on for everyone to follow. People will also be able to post there own games and progress. Other types of football manager experiments will happen testing the AI of the game and the editor.

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I began my first foray into Football Manger 2010, by downloading Super Bladesman's edited database which has the English Leagues down to tier 10 in the pyramid.

The first thing i did with this new database was to test it, by running t through a year on the game to see the outcomes of the leagues and come to some conclusions on how the leagues created are runing to that of he real movements of the non-league pyramid in real life.

I had found that many of the clubs in these lower divisons were vastly equal and as a follower of non league football at a low level I know for a fact which clubs are better than others, and as all clubs are reletively equal at this level the game becomes somewhat distorted and not realistic, however this database can be edited to create more realism by making teams less equal. Another point to make is the uneven movements of the clubs at lower levels, and this is something SI has to address, many of the cubs at these low levels do not have correct Long and Lat, therefore the game throws them into any league available which makes the game distorted geograpically, ths lack of researchers for SI was probably the main reason for this, but this may be addressed in the next patch release.

However, overall this database is very fun to play, despite the lack of somewhat realism. Taking a team from obscurity to even the Blue Square leagues is such a joy to behold, which is what makes this game so fun and the fact I can play as my local team Witney United, which is just what i did.......

My First Football Manager 2010 Game.

My Local Team Witney United FC

Witney are in the Hellenic Premier Division which is step 5 in the non league pyramid and tier 9 overall in english football. 

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